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Why Search Engine Optimisation is Important?

Lets start with,

What is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) ?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization means using different techniques to increase your website’s ranking in the Search page, also bringing quality traffic to your websites by organic way.

One main factor influencing SEO is what search phrase individuals or users are searching/using on the internet. Once you have sorted out that what people are asking for, what answers are they looking  for, you can easily create your content as per their queries. And voila!  You are almost ready to get your quality traffic to your website.

Now, what is its importance?

Back in the days, SEO was done by the developers & plugins, but the question is now do this really helped bringing quality traffic or attracting users to your website? I think you all know the answer.

There are teams these days handling SEO for businesses. Focusing on how to attract, involve and convert users to their businesses.

Search Engines like Google, are highly focusing on what people or users are searching. Updating new algorithms and many more. As Google or other search engines are updating their algorithms, so need for an expert is increasing day by day. And by expert I mean is SEO expert.

Today, you cannot just write a random content and put it into your website and expect Google or other search engine to rank your website. You have to go through a proper process and thorough  research to do SEO these days.

You cannot just stuff numerous set of keywords to your website and look for ranking and quality traffic to your website.

You see, with time Google or other search engines are getting very aware of spamming and black hat SEO practices. Thus, without proper knowledge doing SEO by own is really not good for your website.


Now, time to get into deep.

What is organic search and what is paid?

Organic/ SEO : Which is, Search Engine Optimization. Organic promotion is highly preferable while doing digital marketing / online marketing because whatever the result we are getting is totally non-paid and healthy for your website’s future.

If you follow the algorithms of Google and simultaneously keep doing white hat SEO, you don’t have to think about your website’s authenticity.

In organic way, the result will show up a bit slow, but that would be proper and authentic for your business’s future.


Inorganic / SEM : Search Engine Marketing, here whatever you do is paid. Basically, we do advertisements for your business, which will show on the first page of the SERP. Here, the results are fast. The more you invest, the more you will get in return.



Basically, if you want to carry out with SEO, then you definitely have to hire an expert. An expert with proper knowledge of SEO.

To get the best results, you must have a great content, design/ structures and links which are used in the website. High visibility takes time.

What we all are looking for is getting known, but how is the question.

Using perfect amount of keywords, using content as per the searches, solving the queries on the search engine, and so on, all of these falls under SEO.

Thus, SEO is really important if you want to grow your online business more.

Until the day we are inundate by AI , we will need to solve our own  problems and achieve the task.

















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