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There are several misunderstandings related to Digital Marketing.

Today I will discuss some of the myths.


  1. The very first myth is SEO is Dead!  Well, as long as we all keep using the search box or the search engines for our queries about anything whether it is about a person, a product, a service or a brand, digital marketing will live. Sorry to let you know folks that no SEO or Digital Marketing is NOT DEAD. It will continue to promote your business and rank your business.
  2. There are some businesses who think that SEO is fraud or fake. Now, let me explain you in deep. Suppose a Digital Marketer or a Digital Marketing Company offers their SEO services to you for your business, saying that they will rank your website within 5 to 6months and you accepted their offer. But they took the money and couldn’t deliver you the result they promised at the beginning. And now you think that they cheated you, think like this way, you are investing around Rs. 5000 to the SEO person thinking that that’s enough to rank, whereas, your competitors are investing around Rs. 20000 for their SEO. Now, answer honestly that do you think SEO is fraud?
  3. Digital Marketing is low-priced. No, SEO is not free. It could take above Rs. 50000 to create a proper attractive blog. Digital Marketing is not free. Of course the cost depends upon the quality of your content and other SEO efforts.
  4.  Doing back linking is risky. No it is not. Doing the relevant back linking is not risky for your business. Suppose you have a business of cosmetics and you are back linking your website under a software development company category, that’s risky or a spam. Whatever you do make sure that  it is relevant for you business, also not illegal.
  5. Digital Marketing is such a profession where one can grow rich easily. Well, let me tell you one thing, if you put effort in anything it will show or revert back. You can grow rich in any profession only if you put effort into it.
  6. Ranking in the top that’s all matter in SEO. No, it does not. It depends upon the clickability, which means the Click Through Rate. It doesn’t matter that your website is at the top or not.Though,in the future, CTR may rank you at the top.


So, you can see that there are several misunderstandings related to Digital Marketing, I have only explained few. Digital Marketing is vast, time consuming, of course not inexpensive, and importantly it is not easy way to earn money. Work hard and success will knock at your door by itself.


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