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Build Your Own Social Media App Like Facebook & Instagram

Top 5 Things To Consider Before Building Your Own Social Media Application.


In this modern time where technology has taken the front seat in all aspect of our life, it is hard to even imagine a day spent without going through the news feeds, pictures and videos on popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The number of engagements on a daily basis across the social platforms is so humongous that it has led these alternative interactive mediums to reach an ultimate level of popularity. The myriad of advantages that a social media app brings along is really a blessing for the social media app owner and the developers. The unstoppable daily engagements and interaction of people across the world over social media apps has given birth to a number of Social Media Apps Development Company, who have expertise in developing social media app for many businesses, communities, organizations, clubs, etc.


As per the report in 2018, more than 3.03 billion people are active social media users and  80% of the time spent on social platforms happens on the smartphone. An average of 2 hours and 15 minutes of daily time is spent on social media by each user.


Now, it is truly a wondering fact and if it makes you think that if the engagements of the users on each social platform counts to such huge number then what about the revenue generated per day. If you get to know that, then, you will surely get excited and it may influence you to own a social media app and be a part of this trending technology.  If you are seriously thinking of owning a social media app then there are some areas which you need to focus on before developing a great, interesting, stunning, robust, high UI and graphics-oriented social media app that can be able to catch the attention of popular social media enthusiasts at an instant.

So, here are the highlighting areas to focus on minutely:


1. Identification of your community is the first priority.


Social platforms are created so that people can interact with each other and share their thoughts in the most convenient way which most of the time is actually not possible due to the absence of routine meeting and very less frequent catch up with one another. Based on the likes and dislikes of your community you will be able to identify and understand the need of them and can work accordingly on your social media platform.

2. Proper defining of the features and the function of the social app as per the need of your identified and targeted community.


Based on the taste of your community you need to design the features and functions of your social media app from a reputed Social Media Apps Development Company like Web Ridge e Solution, located in Kolkata, India. The needs and wants of your community will help you to chalk and outline the features of developing your social networking website. The overall vision of your website is the most important thing that you need to pay attention. If you break things down into categories such as user functions, administrative functions and advertising, then it will help you surely in order to retain the impression of the members of your community.


3. Need of selecting the latest and efficient technology to create an appeal or impression on the members of your community.


Now, once identifying your community and understanding their preferences it is the time to make proper selection of the company whom you want to give the responsibility of developing your social media app according to your ideas so that it ultimately meet the satisfaction level of the members of your community, who will be reason behind the growth of your social media app eventually. Expert social media app creators or developers at Web Ridge e Solution have proficiency in shaping your dreams perfectly by implementing the latest frameworks, tools and content management system.


4. A solid blueprint of how you want your app to expand by engaging more number of members in your community.


To keep the community members remain engaged with each other for a longer duration on your social app, you must prepare the growth environment. To make your social media application successful and profitable you need to incorporate some services that will benefit the users of your social networking site. To fix technical issues and prevent those in hampering the proper functioning and smooth running of your social platform, you need to partner an experienced Social Networking App Development company like Web Ridge e Solution. The developers of such popular company can get you rid of all kinds of issue related to your social platform. Installation of a safe and secure system that will prevent any kind of data from getting leaked and users do not have to worry about their privacy intrusion. You must focus on expanding your network quickly and easily. The more will be the scalability the more will be the growth your of the social networking site.

5. Customization of your social network.


Well-customized social network leaves an impression on the members and helps to retain their attention for a longer time. If the look and feel of your social network go well along with their moods and if they get an option to post their activity anytime anywhere then it is surely going to be the center of attraction for the users of your social app. Even you need to implement those tools which will help the users to update their statuses in the most convenient and easy way. You must also check all the latest technologies used by other social networking sites to match up the steps with the growing demand of the alternative media users. Everybody has different preferences, so the customization has to be done in the personalized way possible so that it is easily accessible and the features must have a user-centric design. If your social media application gets loaded up with such healthy features then more numbers of engagements are surely going to happen as people will keep coming back in more numbers, which will prompt your website to grow and glow brightly.




At Web Ridge e Solution, a Social Network Application Development Company in India, you will be able to hire experienced and talented developers who are well aware of the latest technologies needed to implement to build an engaging and interesting social media that may one day become as popular as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Who knows!


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