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A Short Need To Know Comparison Between Offline and Online Marketing

CAN You tell me why our Modern Marketing World prefer Online Marketing/Digital Marketing over Offline Marketing/Traditional Marketing?

Well, the differentiation is bit tricky, but here are some highlighted points below:

1. One of the most important unavoidable factor is Digital Marketing is trackable and Offline Marketing is not. Which means you can Track Your Audience as well as their behaviour. Is not that amazing? 

2. Lead Generation is Prodigious comparing to highly expensive Offline Marketing.

3. You can correct your live ad campaigns in Digital Marketing. Whereas, Offline Marketing is not only over priced, but also you cannot rectify your ad once it is done?.

4. In Online Marketing/Digital Marketing, you can reach a diverse and vast audience.

Now that you have read the above brief illustration,

tell me Do You Agree with me or Not?
According to you which one is better?

FunFact! (Source: Google) :  2017 Worldwide Business Ad spend 41% on Digital and 35% on TV.


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